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about us

It all started with Covid-19 

During the Covid-19 Lockdown in South Africa , millions of people lost their jobs. At this stage the unemployment rate in South Africa is well over 40%. Millions of people are without food , jobs , money and even dignity. The El Shaddai Sow Foundation NPC were registered during July 2020 to assist our people with food and the basics to stay alive. SOW refers to The Lord that SOW the seed of love in the world. For us SOW had another meaning as well. We want to SOW the love of The Lord on the STREETS , in ORPHANAGES and for WIDOWS.

The year 2020 will never be forgotten in history. It was a tough year for everybody , but we all can make a difference and help people.

We already helped many people with food , love , care and counceling.


Corneel Viljoen , Marinda viljoen & martie belotti

The most important part of any Company is the team. The team is the HEART BEAT 

meet our team
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Corneel Viljoen
Corneel Viljoen : I am in the Financial and Retail industry for over 20 years now. During lockdown 2020 I had this feeling to start a NPO. During this time things just came together. Now in 2021 we do have a team together that will be able to help people in need.
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Marinda Viljoen
Marinda Viljoen: I am in the retail industry for over 20 years now. got experience with people of different backgrounds. My passion is to help people in need.
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Martie Belotti
Martie Belotti

Martie Belotti, I am a warrior of God, woman of strength, Counsellor, Seer Prophet and 2nd year Pastor who has been through the knocks of life and travelled the roads of hardship but strive to be that which God has called me to do. One who does not compete with anyone; humble and stand to complete and help all those around me. I have selflessly given myself to serving God and His people, and without complaints I share everything I have. I am a mother to my children, a friend, cheerleader and a champion of God whispering words of encouragement and support, having the voice of patience, love, prayers, prophetic insight that of which only God can give. 

My story is laced with unexpected losses, tragedies, disappointments and prolonged seasons of emotional pain and recovery. I do not believe that this disqualifies me from a sense of “wholeness” or “usefulness” for God. On the contrary, I believe that the crevices caused by pain in my heart are now wells for the water of the Holy Spirit, if I dare to submit them to God and receive healing in those places. My story trumpets the healing power of Jesus, and the redemption that He so passionately presses into the deficits of our life experiences. I believe that this power to heal is available through Jesus for all who desire for their hearts to be healed. 

Healing hearts is something that Jesus has been doing since He set foot onto the earth, and He is still doing it every day! I love following Jesus around and serving His ministry to people’s hearts. 

When Jesus walked the earth, he was drawn to the broken-hearted. His compassionate heart pulled him towards those who were hurting, alone, rejected and broken. Why? We could assume it was a hero complex, the need to fix things, which He did quite well. But, I believe Jesus’ motivation for ministry to the broken-hearted was much deeper than a ministry agenda. I believe that Jesus ministered to the hurting because He loves the broken-hearted. 

Jesus chose out of his own desire to forge friendships with those who dare to live this wild-life with an honest and open heart. It is there, in the soil of an honest heart, that God performs the wondrous process of turning ashes into beauty. Ministry to the heart was not simply an assignment for Jesus. It was and is a part of His very nature.

Words of Encouragement

Your identity is the essence of your nature, who you really are. You are not a product of your past, or a product of where you came from, or a product of what you went through. Your identity is in Christ. If you are going to bring forth the promises that God has for you, you are going to have to do it with cheerful endurance. The scripture talks about the farmer who waits for his crops with great expectation and enthusiasm. There is an appointed time. Sometimes how you wait determines how long you wait. God wants you to develop the strength of patience. 

Don’t jump ahead of God. You don’t want to birth anything before it’s time. Wait well with hopeful endurance and expectancy and you, like the farmer, will harvest the promises of God in your life. You think a miracle is just blinded eyes opened, or cancer leaving your body? You think that a miracle is just when God parted the red sea? You think a miracle is just when He healed leprosy off a body, or raised the dead? 

No. YOU are the greatest miracle. You are a child of God. You are a living epistle written not by man. God has something greater for you. Don't let your shortcomings discourage you and determine the course of your life. Jesus said, "My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness" (2 Cor 12:9). 

When you depend on the Lord's unmerited favour, His undeserved grace will turn you into a champion for His glory. Let go of the past and set your focus on Jesus Christ. There is so much more in store ahead of you than what has already happened behind you. "I have got me eye on the goal; JESUS.  

I am off and running, and I am not turning back." (Phil 3:13). As long as you keep your eyes on Jesus and His perfect love for you, fear cannot live in you (1 John 4:18). Just because you cannot see the blessings yet, does not mean it's not on the way. What is impossible with man is nothing for God. God is making a way for you, in the name of Jesus Christ our Source. 

Lets stay focussed in CHRIST JESUS!


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Sue Viljoen
Sue Viljoen
Sue Viljoen: I am passionate about God and the Bible. We are here to help our people and to pray for them. I do have loads of experience in the Estate Agency 
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